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Adventure in Africa

Little Lambs Needs Your Help

High on the mist shrouded mountain above Kijabe, Kenya, sits a simple little house.  At first glimpse you may think this unassuming little place is ordinary, but nothing could be further from the truth.  This particular little house is Little Lambs Orphanage and it serves as a haven for children in this beautiful but oppressed area.   The children who belong to Little Lambs have been rescued from a life of hopelessness and hunger.  The precious ladies who run little lambs work most days for free, choosing to spend any money they may earn for more food for the children.  Despite the hope that Little Lambs offers, times are still hard.  The children who are there have lost one or both of their parents to AIDS, war or malnutrition.  One young girl dreads her walk from school each day as she is often approached by an uncle trying to force her into the thriving sex trade.  Mary confided that she feels it is inevitable that she will end up as a prostitute to help provide for the family that she has left.   The ladies that care for her at Little Lambs are striving to show her a better way.  Unfortunately Mary’s story is not uncommon.  Most of the children at Little Lambs have been exposed to physical and mental abuse.  Although they face overwhelming challenges these precious children still have dreams.  Mary told me that she wants to be a famous singer. When I asked her to sing something for me she shyly sang “Jesus Loves Me” in a clear, pure voice.  She made me promise to come see her  ‘sing in New York City’ when she got famous, giving me her word that she would sing a song just for me, that she would never forget me.  Ruth wants to be a mother one day, to have a roof that doesn’t leak and enough food for her children.   As our team of teens and leaders spent the afternoon with these sweet children, many dreams were whispered in our ears.  Dreams that seem so simple to our Western minds.  Dreams of security and love of a family.  Little Lambs Orphanage is the beginning of making these dreams come true.  The ladies make sure the children get to school and ensure them that they will have a meal waiting for them at the end of the day.  They protect them from exploitation that is common outside of the orphanage gate.  They tell them that they are valuable and loved.  They give them a future.

I am about to travel to Kenya this next week, and I will get to visit with the sweet ladies and precious children once again.  I can’t wait to feel their warm hugs and see the beautiful light in their eyes.  Hopefully I will get to see Mary and convince her to sing to me once again.  Our team will be taking medical supplies and other donations to Kenya and CURE Hospital.  We have just found out that there is a need for the orphans at Little Lambs.  The school uniforms that they are required to wear are worn out and too small.  For the small cost of 10 dollars a new uniform can be provided to the students.  This is a chance for you to make a difference in the lives of these children.  If you would like to donate go to North Asheville Baptist Church to make an online contribution.  Just ten dollars will make a huge difference in the life of these kids,  providing them with warm clothes that they will use everyday.  They will feel loved and you will be blessed.  I guarantee it!


Here are a few photos from one of our visits last year.




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