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Baby joy

Waiting for Cooper


When I first met Kelly Anne and Rodney  I felt an instant connection.  Maybe it was all those Alabama games that I trekked to when I was growing up;  possibly it’s the shared love of great  southern barbecue.  These Alabama transplants are just so much fun to be around! Rodney serves at our church with the parking crew.  Faithful and hard working,  he’s always there rain or shine, greeting people with a smile and a hug. Holding umbrellas to shield visitors from the rain, and opening doors for elderly ladies, Rodney is the perfect southern gentleman.  Kelly and I serve at the church’s welcome center together.  For the past couple of years I’ve watched her gaze at  every newborn that came through the church doors.  Her eyes always take on a special glow when she watches the new moms checking their sweet little ones into the nursery.  And now it’s Kelly and Rodney’s turn to be parents to a precious baby boy, Cooper.

I was so excited to get to spend some time with Kelly Anne last week taking pictures.  At the last minute Rodney had to work late, so I’m looking forward to spending more time getting some family shots in the next week or so.  I was a little worried about making Kelly hike to a beautiful spot on Bull Creek, but then I remembered that this girl is a veteran marathon runner, already planning her next big run after Cooper arrives!    We had so much fun enjoying the early spring weather as we took these pictures.  It was warm enough that Kelly braved splashing in my neighbors pond for a few minutes!

In a few weeks I’ll get to meet Cooper;  I can’t wait.  He’s going to be a very special little boy.  I just know he’s going to arrive with a soft southern drawl and a love for ‘Bama football.  So, Roll Tide; a lifetime fan is about to be born!

Sunset on Bull Creek

Warren Wilson Trail

Early Spring on Bull Creek

Great place to take a break

At the pond


Big Woods

On Bull Creek Trail

Bull Creek

My favorite time of day

Warren Wilson Dam

Stone Wall at Old Dam

Blue Chair

Bull Creek Ranch


Across the Pond


Time to Relax



Finally Spring

Cooper and Kelly

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  1. The beautiful pictures make us long for him even more! He’s truly a blessing from the Lord and will have some very special parents! Our prayers are with Rodney, Kelly Anne, and Cooper.

  2. My beautiful daughter.
    from a mothers heart..

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